1- Cylinder Distribution System:

GASCO is equipped with special Automatic Cylinder filling System. This system is safe, accurate and quick.

The system consists of computerized filling pump and digital weighing scale. Just in few seconds and after putting the cylinder on the scale, the pump automatically starts filling and when the weight reaches the requested pre-input weight the filling stops. Customer is welcomed to bring his cylinders for filling or GASCO can supply him with GASCO Cylinders.

2- GASCO Bulk Distribution System:

It is a new system in the area. This system is introduced to the market by GASCO. it contains:
1. CO2 Transportable tanks.
2. CO2 storage tanks that can be distributed to customers upon special agreement.

CO2 Transportable tank is mountain on transportable truck and can reach CO2 filling location. This tank is equipped with CO2 transfer pump and special hoses for proper filling. Transportable tank capacity is 7500 kg.

Using sophisticated filling pumps, the above amount could be refilled in 2 hours.

CO2 Storage Tanks are special tanks made by most international tanks producers all over the world. Those tanks are vary in capacity between 1000 kg and 5000 kg.

CO2 Storage tanks can be distributed to end-user under special agreement between End User and GASCO.

2. Storage Tank specification:

Each tank holds the following specification:
1. Year Of Production: 2003 Brand New. Not renovated.
2. Single shell structures. The material of construction is special steel 14mm-16mm thick made to international standards: BS-5500 or ASME or IS 2825.
3. Storage Pressure : 20 bar
4. Storage Temperature : - 20°C
5. Design Temperature : -40 to +50 °C
6. Design Pressure :22 – 24 bar
7. Stress Relieving : Yes
8. Radiography :100%
9. Test Pressure :30 - 32 bar
1. Insulation : PU 140-150 mm
2. Cladding: Aluminium
12. Every vessel is subjected to a stress-free annealing process to avoid long-term stress –corrosion.
13. Every CO2 storage vessels is equipped with sufficient connecting nozzles for all necessary and possible connections.
Fittings and Valves: Each tank is equipped with the all required Liquid and Gas valves in addition to Safety Valves.

3- The Unique System for serving customers:

In Order to serve the end user, each Tank is equipped with the following attachments and accessories and all are attached to the tank, which is mounted on base frame:
1. Refrigeration CoilCoil
2. Refrigeration Systemstem
3. Heater
4. Level Indicator
5. Electronic Scale
6. Atmospheric Vaporizer
7. Pressure reducing valve