The advantages of this System:

In order to understand the advantages of using this system the following table has been made:

The Traditional System

The New System

Using Cylinders

Using Bulk Quantity

Customer doesn’t know the exact consumption.

Customer can monitor the exact consumption of CO2 through an accurate digital scale attached to tank.

Noticeable amount of CO2 remains in the Cylinder. This accumulates big loss.

No CO2 losses, as any quantity remains in the tank is customer’s property.

Customer will pay for a quantity less than he gets due to remaining CO2 amount in the cylinder.

Customer will pay exactly for what he gets, no losses.

Cylinders need a lot of labor efforts for loading the filled cylinder from the supplier truck, connect to factory gas line, dismantle the cylinder when it is empty and reloaded to supplier.

Customer needs no labors efforts,connection is made once at the time of dealing and filling will be made by GASCO filling transportable tanker.

Due to condensation, water will take a noticeable part in the cylinder. This will reduce the amount of CO2 in each cylinder and would means a big loss.

No Condensation process due to the existence of refrigeration unit.

The risk of shortage is available in case of any increase in demands.

Bulk quantity available in customer’s yard. This will reduce the risk of any shortage.

Manual vaporization for Liquid CO2 is required. This will take place by using hot water or any other mean.

System is equipped with Atmospheric Vaporizer mountain and attached to the tank, it will automatically transfer liquid CO2 to Vapor without customer’s efforts.

Using cylinders is everyday headache.

Bulk system is the headache of GASCO once every two weeks. Customers efforts are limited to phone call.